Quick iPhone Demo and Details

OK, this will probably be my last iPhone post for a while, as we’ve all heard all about it by now.

For those of you who’ve head about the iPhone, but haven’t actually seen it in action, and don’t want to spend 1-2 hours watching the keynote… here’s a very quick demo (above) given by Apple VP, Phil Schiller. It doesn’t show everything, but it will give you the gist. (direct YouTube Link).

Also, New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has delivered some additional details on iPhone features, including dialing, synchronization, and web browsing. Here’s the link to his article, or you can read the summery over at AppleInsider.

4 thoughts on “Quick iPhone Demo and Details”

  1. My biggest question is this: when typing an sms, is I turn it to landscape mode, the qwerty virtual keyboard will be more “spreaded”? I like to type with my thumbs, not my index finger. Typing with the index (like Steve did in his keynote) seems very slow..

  2. typo in line 1: ‘head’ instead of ‘heard’

    Thanks for sharing the video. It’s pretty neat to see what the iPhone can do even if we may never be able to buy one.

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