Free Shipping on Shirts

One Digital Life t-shirts

Spreadshirt, the company who prints my t-shirts, has announced they are offering FREE standard shipping on orders of $15 or more, through January 31st, 2007. Just use coupon code: FREESHIPPING07.

The only downside is it’s limited to the U.S. and Canada. But, if you live in those parts of the world, and you’ve thought about getting a t-shirt, here’s your chance to save a few bucks.

2 thoughts on “Free Shipping on Shirts”

  1. I was wondering, do you find that your t-shirts sell very well? I have a friend who is considering setting up the same type of thing on her site, and she was asking me for advice.

  2. Well… no, not very well at all :(

    If I don’t count the ones that I have bought, or were bought by personal friends, I can count the number of shirts that have been sold on one hand. I’m considering getting rid of them.

    But, it’s not a lot of effort to set up, so I would say she should give it a shot. Who knows, maybe it will turn out better for her.

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