Shredder Widget


Now here is a truly useful widget. Shredder permanently, and securely deletes any file you throw at it. It even takes on the file’s icon when animating the shredding (that’s just cool).

Shredder offers three levels of delete…

Low: Bypass the trash can. Though this isn’t as secure a deletion of your files, it is a quick way to get rid of those files you know you don’t need, leaving the trash can for those things you just might want to dig out later.

Medium: Secure erase. This mode overwrites your shredded documents with a US Department of Defence compliant 7 pass procedure.

High: Virtual Paper Pulp. Use this setting for only the most sensetive files. Though it might be slow, the 35 pass Gutmann algorithm will ensure that no data from these files is ever recovered. “

4 thoughts on “Shredder Widget”

  1. I’m skeptical as to whether this actually securely deletes your files. While it may follow the Gutmann algorithm, there’s the problem of the hard disk caching changes to files on the system. If every pass of the algorithm is not actually written to disk, then the high-security algorithm is just about useless. And I’m not sure if all hard drives respect the command to flush hard drive cache to disk.

    Any word on whether this really works?

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