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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we had seen An Inconvenient Truth, and I urged people to go see it too. I didn’t try and convince people with facts and figures, I just urged them to see the film, and decide for themselves.

Well, Eric Pan, has gone one step further. He wants you to see the film so bad, that he actually set up a non-profit website to help you get free tickets. The site is called Share the Truth.

Here’s a small excerpt from an email I received from Eric…

A new site called aims to spread An Inconvenient Truth to as many people as possible – by getting them to the theater with free movie tickets. Those inspired by the film are encouraged to help out. The goal is to be able to tell the world “Go see this film; you don’t even have to pay!”

Basically, Share the Truth works by connecting people who want to see the film, with people who are willing to donate a little cash for tickets. There are a couple of different ways the site does this.

First, there’s a forum on the site. This is where people can request, or offer tickets. The idea is to directly connect the people who want to see the movie, with the people who are willing to donate tickets.

The second, is a bit more anonymous. You can simply donate to the site, and Eric will handle the rest. If you would like to see the movie, there is a form you can fill out, and the request will go to Eric. My understanding is Eric will use the donations to either fulfill requests from the form, or from the forum, whichever is needed.

I think this is a great idea, and I applaud Eric for his effort. Everyone should get a chance to see this film. I encourage everyone to head over to, and have a look around. If you feel so inclined, make a donation, or connect with someone in the forum. If you would like to see the film, but can’t afford it, here’s your chance to get free tickets.

Also, if you have a blog, I’m sure Eric wouldn’t mind at all if you help spread the word about the site. It’s strictly NOT for profit, and Eric will be making all financial records public… minus sensitive personal information, of course.

Spread the word!

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