An Inconvenient Truth… See it! Please!

An Inconvenient Truth

5 Stars

The other day I had a post about Al Gore, using a Mac and Apple’s Keynote to produce his traveling show on global warming. Tonight, we saw the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Although I consider myself to be somewhat green, I have to say this film was a big eye opener.

Please, please… see this film. If you want to call me a tree-huggin crackpot, fine… as long as you go see this film first. Regardless of how green you consider yourself to be, you will learn something from this film.

I know it’s easy to get busy with things, and not do all that you can… but this movie really puts things in perspective. What we’re talking about here is the human race’s ability to live on this planet. I think that’s worth a couple of hours of your time to get some facts about what we are doing.

You can also check out the site for more valuable information, including an “Impact Calculator” to see just how much Co2 you are contributing to the problem.

I can’t say this enough… See this film! Please!

7 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth… See it! Please!”

  1. The issue I have with this movie (haven’t seen it, and I don’t think I ever will) is that it says it’s reporting “fact” when it’s not. The problem is that “us causing global warming” isn’t a fact, it’s a theory. We don’t know what’s making the climate warmer, and we don’t know if it’s a normal cycle because we haven’t been recording temperatures for long enough. If you’re going to see a movie like this and believe it, you should do some research and check the “facts” to see if they’re all 100% real. Telling people that cars are bad isn’t the way to solve the problem, showing them a viable solution is. Sorry to say this, but “An Inconvenient Truth” is conveniently misleading the public because Al Gore has fear on his side, not facts.

  2. UserBinBoy,
    Please, please… go see it. The movie addresses the exact issues that you mention… what is fact, and what is theory. The truth will surprise you.

    Your comment is misleading to others, as you can’t honestly accuse the movie of being misleading without seeing it first. I urge you… please see the movie, and then judge its validity.

  3. The problem with the movie is that it might as well be called “Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.” The problem with that is that it makes it a party issue. I agree that environmental concerns are everyone’s problem and issue, and I think that is true regardless of one’s political views. With Al Gore narrating the thing it basically says: “DEMOCRATIC LEFT WING MOVIE.” Not that I’m even making any points against Democrats or the left, rather, if this is something that is life and death for everyone on the planet it should be less dividing down party lines. Give the facts only by unbiased scientific leaders and let the audience decide on the issue. Don’t make it a party thing. If Al Gore wants to promote it, fund it, fine. But imagine if Bush made this exact same movie. Now imagine the movie is as unbiased, straitforward and rational as it could possibly be (however unlikely). That wouldn’t matter, because Bush is Republican and he represents republican issues. It would never been seen as truth, but rather, propapanda. With a politician at the helm this will never be seen (and probably should never be seen) as objective. And, though I have not yet seen it, it’s difficult to imagine it being objective.

  4. Maddux,

    I’ll say the same thing to you… please see the movie! It is unfair, and misleading for anyone to leave a comment about what the movie is, or isn’t, if they haven’t seen it. Please, just see it… and then you can comment about its content.

  5. Man, if you really want to look like a tool, criticize a movie you haven’t even seen. Not only does it add nothing to the discussion, it’s just f’ing annoying. Ditto the rant (or whatever that was) about how it “should have been” someone besides Al Gore doing this movie. Al Gore has been giving this presentation to audiences (and not publicizing the fact or using it a partisan way at all) for around 15 years — and someone decided to make a documentary about Al Gore and his global warming presentation.

    As for being “difficult to imagine it being objective,” of course it’s not objective! Not in the diluted (and false) sense of showing “both sides of the issue” anyway. It’s a passionate, yet carefully reasoned argument for a particular viewpoint — supported by just mountains of evidence. And since the overwhelming weight of the evidence and scientific opinion is that global warming is A) real, and B) caused by human activity, there’s only one side to the story; and it’s An Inconvenient Truth.

    BTW, Paul I’m sorry for fueling the fires — feel free to just delete this comment if necessary. But there are a couple of things I don’t suffer gladly, and sometimes I just get riled…

  6. doublejack, no need to delete. I don’t mind “fueling the fires”, or strong opinions, or heated discussions… as long as we’re all starting from the same place. By that I mean having seen the movie.

    I agree that it is really annoying when people make statements regarding what a film is about… if they haven’t even seen it.

    To be blunt… if you haven’t seen this movie, you have no right to have an opinion about it. It is simply impossible to form an intelligent opinion about something you’ve never seen. If you’ve somehow managed to form an opinion about something you haven’t seen, then you’ve fallen victim to propaganda.

    I urge you all… think for yourself.

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