PHP Studio for $5

PHP Studio

PHP studio is a text editor specifically designed for editing PHP code. I can’t say that I’ve ever used it personally, but looking over the information on the site, it seems like it has features for both seasoned pros and newbies alike.

For the next 8 hours you can get PHP Studio for $5 over at MacZot. It’s normally $25.

Being a PHP newbie myself, I went ahead and bought it. I figured $5 is a pretty small investment if it helps me learn and edit my php files, like the ones used in this blog.

4 thoughts on “PHP Studio for $5”

  1. Referrer credit? I didn’t know they had a referrer credit. I wonder what I get.

    My screenname is “leisuremonkey”.

    Thanks! We’ll see what happens.

  2. When I created my account there was a box to enter the screenname of the person who referred me to MacZot. You are now entitled to all of the glory being a referrer may bring.

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