Big Price Drop on Shake

Apple Shake

Today Apple announced they are now shipping the next version (4.1) or their compositing software, Shake. The new version is a Universal Binary, but that’s not the really big news… they dropped the price from $2999.00 to $499.00. Holy crap, that’s a big price drop!

I’ve never used Shake, but my understanding is it’s somewhat similar to Adobe After Effects, which I do use. The 3k price tag has always scared me off, but now… who knows.

UPDATE (6.22.06): TUAW is reporting that the reason for the big price drop, is Apple will no longer be actively developing Shake. Hmmm… maybe I won’t be using it after all. Check out this site for more details.

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  1. Apple’s Motion software is like Adobe’s After Effects. Shake is a video compositing software. Just a little bit of difference. Motion is pretty cool. Have never touched Shake, however. That might change with the lower price point.

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