Download movies… but not through iTunes


Engadget is reporting that seven major studios have announced they will make new, big-name movies available for purchase via online downloads, through MovieLink and CinemaNow.

You won’t be able to burn them to DVD, and unfortunately, these services don’t offer any Mac support (damn them!). But, at up to $30 a movie, I wouldn’t buy these anyway. I think that’s a bit of a rip-off considering the price of an average DVD.

My only real question is… Apple, how could you let someone else get to this first?

1 thought on “Download movies… but not through iTunes”

  1. It gets sooooo much worse. This is from the CinemaNow site when I tried to download a film:

    You must use Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher on a PC running Windows 2000 or later in order to use the CinemaNow service.

    Thank you CinemaNow for showing us all exactly how much movie studios still don’t understand the web. How many early-adopters for technlogy like this do you suppose use Explorer?

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