No new Apple announcements… yet

Raise you hand if you thought Apple would be making some new product announcements yesterday, for the 30th anniversary. The rumors have been running wild since Steve Jobs announced they would be doing something special for the Anniversary, during the 2006 Macworld keynote in January. A lot of the rumors were far to grandiose to be realistic, but there were a few that had a chance of coming true.

The Cult of Mac thinks it was one big April’s Fool’s joke that Steve has played on us, and there never were going to be any new announcements. Personally, I don’t believe that. I think they will do something for the anniversary, we just haven’t seen it yet.

I’m only mildly surprised that we didn’t see any new products yesterday. I’m more surprised that we didn’t see any mention at all of the anniversary. I had actually expected to see the same image I used for my Birthday message to Apple, because I pulled that from the keynote address where Steve mentioned the anniversary.

This may sound strange, but I actually think that the lack of any mention at all of the anniversary yesterday on the Apple site, almost guarantees something is coming. Think about it… no company would let their 30 year anniversary come and go without using it for promotional purposes. The biggest reason I can think of not to call any attention to it yesterday, is because they want to do that at the time they make some other announcements. It will be Apple’s anniversary for an entire year. They really don’t have to announce new stuff on the exact day… in fact, given the day (April Fool’s), it may be better for them not to announce stuff on that day.

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. I wish we would have seen something, but it may be that they have our attention now. I have been on the web nonstop to see if there are any rumors or apple’s site to see if my dreams have come true. So they have my attention and they will tomorrow as well, but if they wait too much longer I will not be paying attention. I have never worked for Apple or an Apple retailer, but I have sold more Macs than most of the employees at the store. I love Apple.

    I like you site as well.

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