Phasers and door controls

Buck Rogers Disco Chicks

I have kind of a light schedule today, so I have the TV on in the background. Buck Rogers is playing on the Sci-Fi channel, and I’ve made kind of a silly observation.

If you use your phaser to blast the electronic door controls, the result varies depending on what you are trying to do.

Let’s say, you’re trying to escape from 3 evil disco space-babes who are chasing you. You can run into a room and blast the door controls behind you. The result will be the door gets locked.

Now, lets say you are trapped in a different room with 3 evil disco space-babes. If you blast the door controls in this room, the door will open.

I think you’ll find that this holds true for all science fiction movies and TV shows.

This concludes todays silly observation.

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