Use alternate AV cable with the new 5G iPod

iPod AV cable

I got this email from a friend the other day. I already have an AV cable, but I thought I would pass on the tip. Thanks Jason!

You may already know this… but if you are about to buy the Apple AV cable, you don’t need to.

If you have an 1/8th-inch AV cable from another device, like a portable DVD player or a camcorder, you CAN use this, even though Apple says you can’t. They needed to make the jack work for headphones, AND for AV, so the ‘video’ conductor in on the tip – if you put in headphones, they don’t reach the tip connector. This is not the way standard AV cables are wired. SOOO, with any standard AV cable, you need to reverse the Red and Yellow RCA connectors:

Red = right audio, White = left audio, Yellow = video

when using a normal cable with iPod:
Red = video, White = left audio, Yellow = right audio


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