Save big on alternative iPod cables

alternate iPod cables

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Apple is being a little cheap when it comes the accessories that ship with the new 5G iPod. And, the Apple branded accessories are a bit overpriced, in my opinion. But, there are alternatives out there. You don’t have to buy from Apple.

The picture above has 3 types of cables that I consider to be necessities… An iPod wall-charger, an extra USB-to-iPod cable, and an AV cable. If you buy them from Apple, you’ll spend $67. I found a great site, called Hand Held Items, that carries a wide variety of iPod (and other gadget) accessories for far less then what Apple charges.

I don’t want to mislead you. There is actually a noticeable quality difference between Apples products, and the no-name counterparts. Apple’s products have thicker molded plastic and wires. But, I have tested the no-name items thoroughly and haven’t had any problems. I would recommend them as a lower cost alternative. I’m happy with the cables that I bought.

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  1. I used eBay to buy an extra Firewire cable for my 3G iPod and got a pretty good deal at 99 cents plus 5 dollars for shipping. The problem is, the cable is no good for data transfers. I don’t understand why, but the iPod cannot sync using this cable.
    I will point out, however, that the cable works just fine at recharging the iPod, which is exactly the reason I bought it.

    So, be careful on third party accessories. Although, maybe if I’d gotten something with a brand name I recognize as opposed to some Chinese brand I can’t even translate, I’d have gotten a more compatible cable…

  2. Paul. I think that the opposing pictures you have here are quite revealing. Other than the obvious price differences between the two there is more to see here and you almost have to stand back to see it. Look at the clutter, or rather the lack of clutter with the aftermarket cables. They might not be the highest quality but they sure look like a lot less of a pain in the ass then the Apple cables. I know that Apple is all about “cool” and much like laces vs. Velcro when it comes to shoes laces are cooler but aren’t as fast or as convenient as Velcro. When it comes to cables, and there are a lot of them, I would definitely go with the after-markets over the factory originals just to tame the tangled mess we all seem to live in in our connected lives. Even if I go for style when it comes to shoes (no Velcro here. Sometimes convenience just looks dumb), I definitely try to go for ease-of-use and reduced clutter when it comes to cables. Anyway, good choice, for more than just the monetary reasons.

  3. You’re absolutely right John. When I chose my cables, I looked for compact design, in addition to price. I wanted them primarily for travel, so the lighter and less cluttered, the better.

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