I’m hooked on Lost

Lost, on iTunes

Before last night, I had never seen an episode of Lost. Tonight, I’m buying all of season oneicon through iTunes.

I had actually bought the premier episode when Apple first announced the new 5G iPod (video). But, it was only to see what the quality was like, I didn’t actually watch the entire episode. Last night we did, and then I bought the second episode and watched that too. I’m already hooked.

Most, if not all, of the episodes are actually available (for free) through Podtropolis, the BitTorrent site I mentioned the other day. I was very tempted to download them from there. But, I am a firm believer in what Apple is trying to do. I want their effort to succeed. We need a legitimate (legal) way of doing this. Downloading shows is the wave of the future, and I want Apple to be on top of that wave. I have downloaded a few things from Podtropolis, but I won’t grab anything that Apple is selling, in an effort to help them succeed. Please, if you are interested in getting digital copies of Lost, help Apple out, and buy themicon through iTunes. They are only $1.99 an episode (or $34.99 for the season), and the quality is outstanding.

2 thoughts on “I’m hooked on <em>Lost</em>”

  1. Same thing happened to my wife and i. It all started with one innocent download. Next thing you know, we’re buying the whole season one. And we’re now about to watch last night’s episode.

    Who knew that just a month after we decided to kill our TV that these shows would be available on our computers?

  2. i just got hooked on it last week when i rented season one disc one. and last night’s episode was our first “lost” night when our friends came over to watch it. we have a new favorite show and a new tradition to watch it with our friends. one of the best shows on tv i think.

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