We’re back from Phoenix

iPod Holder

With everything that has happened recently, we felt like taking a little break, and getting out of town. We took Friday off and went down to Phoenix for the weekend.

It was great being able to hang out with friends, and visit some of my old haunts. It was a nice, relaxing trip. I’m glad we went.

On the flight out, I caught up on some of my video blogs, or video podcasts as Apple would have you call them. It was so nice being able to watch video on my iPod, rather than lugging a laptop down there.

What do you think of my iPod stand? It actually worked really well. I think I’ll grab a bunch of cups on my next flight… I’ll call them iCups, and sell them for $29.95 a pop.

6 thoughts on “We’re back from Phoenix”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip, does people good to get away every once and a while, it’s been ages since I’ve been on a vacation (although I’m going to Florida w/my parents this April).

  2. Isn’t the new iPod just awesome? I used to convert DVD’s for playback on my PSP but since purchasing an iPod I’ve only used the PSP for games – yes it has a bigger screen but the reflections off that super shiny screen make it almost unwatchable. The iPod’s screen is smaller and 4:3 ratio but it really is better for video.

    I love the inventive use of the plastic cup – I’m going to buy some this weekend!

    Keep up with the blog, I love it, especially your comments on optimising video for the iPod.

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