Google Maps… on the go

Google Maps on my phone

Have you ever been out and about, and desperately needed a pizza place, or an Apple Store, but didn’t know wher to find one? Well, help is on it’s way. Google has launched a mobile version of Google Local. It’s appropriately named… Local for Mobile.

It’s a java-based application that gives you full access to Google Maps (and satellite images) right on your internet-capable phone. The application is free, and so is the service. But, you will be paying your mobile carrier for the bandwidth, so you may want to check the rates on their data plans before spending hours looking at tiny little maps on your phone.

Not all carriers are supported, but I’ve tried it on Cingular, and although it was slow, it seemed to work fairly well.

Found via Engadget

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  1. it wasn’t until I saw this image that I realised I hadn’t removed the blue plastic from the Motorola logo on my black razr.

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