Maciek Jasik Photography

Maciek Jasik Nudes
© Maciek Jasik. All Rights Reserved

I’m loving the photographic work of Maciek Jasik, especially this series of nudes. I’m very curious if Maciek is achieving this look completely through post-processing, or if he is shooting through some sort of colored material.

“…The focus only reaches part of the figure. The rest is a blur in a vibrant, limitless sea of color, a confluence of emotions and feelings. This evokes the traces of memory we have for each other, and the inability we have to ever fully understand each other”

Via WhyNot?

The Photographic Work of Johannes Schwab

Habitual Grace by Jo Schwab
Images © Jo Schwab

The images above are from a series called, Habitual Grace, by Johannes Schwab. I really love his work, and this series. One of the things that really attracts me to these images, is the tonal range that Jo is able to pull into his photographs, making seemingly simple images visually rich.

You can see more of Jo’s work on his portfolio site, and his Deviant Art site.

Leonard Nimoy Nude Photography

Leonard Nimoy Self Portrait
© Leonard Nimoy. All Rights Reserved.

No, no, no… not Leonard Nimoy nude… but rather Leonard Nimoy shoots nudes.

Some friends told me about this a long time ago and I totally forgot to blog about it. Leonard Nimoy, known to most as Spock from Star Trek, shoots some pretty nice nude photography.

He’s produced several series of black and white images, but the set that received the most recent attention is the Full Body Project, where Leonard challenged the notion that big isn’t beautiful. I think he has some really nice work. Definitely worth checking out.

Leonard currently has 2 photography books on Amazon: The Full Body Project and Shekhina.