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Maciek Jasik Nudes
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I’m loving the photographic work of Maciek Jasik, especially this series of nudes. I’m very curious if Maciek is achieving this look completely through post-processing, or if he is shooting through some sort of colored material.

“…The focus only reaches part of the figure. The rest is a blur in a vibrant, limitless sea of color, a confluence of emotions and feelings. This evokes the traces of memory we have for each other, and the inability we have to ever fully understand each other”

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4 thoughts on “Maciek Jasik Photography”

  1. Maciek, you have some really wonderful work. You’ve inspired me. Congratulations on the show at FINCH & ADA. We’re coming to NY in May, but I’m sorry we’ll miss the show.

    That’s great to hear it’s in-camera. I’m not opposed to post-processing at all, but I think these days it’s often used as an after-thought, instead of committing to a vision at the time the image is taken.

    I’m very curious – are you shooting through colored material, or using colored lights (or both / neither)? How are you achieving the selective-focus?

  2. The exact details of my process I like to keep a mystery. But I do not use colored lights. Get in touch when you’re in NYC, my work may be up in a different arena.

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