Leonard Nimoy Nude Photography

Leonard Nimoy Self Portrait
© Leonard Nimoy. All Rights Reserved.

No, no, no… not Leonard Nimoy nude… but rather Leonard Nimoy shoots nudes.

Some friends told me about this a long time ago and I totally forgot to blog about it. Leonard Nimoy, known to most as Spock from Star Trek, shoots some pretty nice nude photography.

He’s produced several series of black and white images, but the set that received the most recent attention is the Full Body Project, where Leonard challenged the notion that big isn’t beautiful. I think he has some really nice work. Definitely worth checking out.

Leonard currently has 2 photography books on Amazon: The Full Body Project and Shekhina.

The Photographic Work of Andy Julia

Catanzaro - Tome 4 by Andy Julia
© Andy Julia. All Rights Reserved.

I recently came across the work of Andy Julie. While many of Andy’s photographs are heavily influenced by the past, they also have a distinctly contemporary feel. His images are stunning, highly stylized, and occasionally border on fetish… but not in a creepy way. I really like his work.

If you want to see more of the photographers that I like, I have a long list, on my photoblog.

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I normally only post my photos to my photoblog, but I submitted this image to issue #15 of JPG Magazine, for the Noir theme, and I’m hoping to elicit some votes. :) If you’re a member of the JPG community, and you like my image, please give it your vote. Voting closes on February 15th, 2008.

Description of Noir Theme From JPG Magaine: “The dark and brooding images that evoke everything from films of the past to the haunted streets of the night. Noir is about the black and the white, the grainy imperfection of the world.

Photos submitted to this theme don’t have to be in black and white”