Where can I get an AGP video card with an ADC connection?

I’m currently using a PowerMac G5, with two 17″ cinema displays. Everything is about four years old. I’m hoping to buy a new Mac later this year, but for now I’m feeling my computers age when I try to run some modern apps.

One bottleneck is the outdated 64MB video card (split between 2 displays, 32MB each). I was hoping to find a relatively inexpensive card (under $200) that would help out until I get my new system. Due to the age and type of equipment, I’m having an extremely hard time finding a card that will work in my system.

Here’s what I’m looking for… AGP (8x) video card with 1 DVI and 1 ADC connector, with at least 128MB vRAM. I can’t use PCI because it doesn’t support Quartz Extreme (requires PCI Express, which I don’t have). I also can’t use a card with only DVI connections, since my displays use ADC (Apple Display Connector). I’m already using a DVI to ADC Adapter to attach my second display and I don’t want to buy another one ($99).

You wouldn’t think that this would be so freakin difficult, but it’s the combination of AGP and ADC that’s hard to find. If anyone knows where I can actually buy such a card please let me know. You’ll have my eternal gratitude.

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  1. I think the 2nd DVI to ADC adapter is your best bet. They sell for way less than $99 on Craigslist (usually around $50), when you can find them. And that way you can get a better graphics card by spending lesser money!

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