Rick, Steve, or Mike

Elvis Presley Movies

I was just taking a little break for lunch, and there happened to be an Elvis movie on TV. I was reminded of the fact that in almost every movie Elvis made, his character’s name was Rick, Steve, Mike, or some other macho one-syllable name.

He also rarely played just a singer. He was always a singer/race car driver, singer/scuba diver, singer/pilot, or singer/…, well you get the idea.

Oh, if only life could be like the movies.

3 thoughts on “Rick, Steve, or Mike”

  1. On a somewhat related sidenote: There’s been a long standing, well-known joke inside (and possibly outside of) the gay community that MARK, Rick and Steve are gay names. There’s even a reference to it in ‘Steel Magnolias’ I believe.

    Funny that might be tied (of course, in a very loose way) to Elvis’ character names in movies. He is considered so macho!

  2. I assume the idea was that he was a race car driver, scuba diver, pilot, etc., who happened also to be a singer. Because, an Elvis movie where Elvis is JUST a race car driver really isn’t an Elvis movie, is it?

    BTW, I still fondly remember Wayne Gretzky’s appearance on Saturday Night Live where he was a hockey player/singer. Great parody.

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