Are you buying an iPhone?

OK, this will probably be my last post about the iPhone. Well, at least until tomorrow.

I’m just curious… who among you is planning on actually buying one? Will it be the 4GB or the 8GB model? Are you going to try your luck waiting in line at an Apple / AT&T store tomorrow, or just order it online? If waiting in line, how early are you willing to go?

Please, do tell.

Personally, I will almost assuredly be buying an 8GB model. My super-fabulous girlfriend gave me Apple gift cards for Christmas, and my birthday, specifically for the iPhone. Even though they only announced them in January, I’ve been waiting for at least 5 years now. I’m not sure if I’ll be standing in line or not. I’m going to head down to my local Apple store tomorrow afternoon and check out the situation.

By the way, Apple will start online sales at 6:00pm (PDT) tomorrow. Unlike the physical stores, the east coast doesn’t get a head start. We’ll all be shopping at the same time.

If you are planning on buying the iPhone at one of Apple’s retail stores, either tomorrow or next week, you may want to bookmark Apple’s iPhone availability page. Apple will update it every evening, and you can theoretically get accurate information after 9:00pm, on if your local store has them in stock.

UPDATE (2:20pm): My girlfriend just called. She walked by the Apple Store while at lunch. The line is already forming. I bet it will be massive by tomorrow night. :(

8 thoughts on “Are you buying an iPhone?”

  1. FYI the iPhone release is @ 6pm local time, so that means when the clock chimes 6 pm where you live that’s when the iphone starts ringing. It’s not an East Coast West Coast deal

  2. Thanks Ed, but actually it is kind of an east coast west coast deal. The online store will start at 6:00pm Pacific Daylight Time, so the entire country starts at the same time. You are correct in that the retail stores will start at 6:00pm local time. But, that means that when the iPhone goes on sale here in San Francisco, it will have already been on sale for 3 hours in New York. Obviously that time difference will shrink as you move further west, but that’s why I said the east coast gets a head start.

  3. I was going to get it tomorrow… But I can’t. I’m under a “Premier” account, so I can’t yet get the iPhone for a couple more weeks. I would have waited in line starting around 7AM tomorrow, but alas, it would be all for nothing.

    I’ll still be getting mine in-store, but that’s because I have a friend at my local Cingul…ahem…AT&T store and I want to get him the kickback.


  4. I won’t be getting one. I think it’s a cool product, but my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone serves me pretty well.
    I have no interest in AT&T’s service, so I won’t really be thinking about it until I can buy an unlocked device.

  5. I’m be waiting for a review from you. Personally, I would love to own an iPhone but that won’t happen until it reaches Asia, specifically Singapore. Considering how expensive data plans are, I’m not sure how it’ll fair in my country.

  6. I’ll be waiting for the second generation. Hopefully the price will drop slightly eventually, and if there are any bugs, they’ll be scattered by then. I’m leaning towards buying a new iMac after 10.5 comes out, and can’t afford both this year.

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