Flow – a better ftp client?


ExtendMac is in the process of developing a new ftp client for the Mac called, Flow. It’s currently in private beta, but the screencasts available on their blog look pretty good. This may be software that I take a closer look at once it comes out of beta.

I’ve been using the unofficial industry standard, Transmit, since the OS9 days when it was called, Transit. Transmit works really well, but I’m afraid it’s gotten a bit stagnant in recent years. There are things I have been waiting forever for, and they just never seem to come.

What’s your ftp client of choice?

via The Apple Blog

7 thoughts on “Flow – a better ftp client?”

  1. I’ve been a die hard Transmit user for awhile now, and while it does seem a bit long in the tooth, I love it. I use it daily (using it right now), and it’s only failed me once. When it did, Panic was there to help me through it. I now also own Coda.

  2. I use CyberDuck as well. I have to say I have been meaning to look for something better as I find it can be slow to start uploading files. This makes it less than ideal for web development. I will have to keep an eye on Flow.

  3. I like CyberDuck. I’m not a heavy FTP user, just random stuff for my personal site, and a couple other sites. And I really like having the little rubber ducky in my Dock.

  4. Interarchy has served me very well for many years now. I use it daily. I’ve never felt I needed to try anything different.

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