iMacs and Minis get upgraded


Today Apple announced new versions of its iMac and Mac Mini lines.

The iMacs were fitted with the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at speeds of 1.83GHZ, 2.0GHz, 2.16GHz, and 2.33GHz, and come in new sizes of 17″, 20″, and a whopping 24″. One item to note is that they dropped the remote as standard equipment on the 17″ model. Base configurations range from $999 – $1999 (USD)

The Mac Mini updates were a little more subtle, but still welcome. Apple dropped the Intel Core Solo processor altogether, and now both models run the Core Duo (not the Core 2 Duo). They also received a small speed bump from 1.5GHZ/1.66GHz to 1.66GHz/1.83GHz. Pricing remained the same at $599 and $799 (USD).

I guess we can retire these rumors for next weeks event.

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  1. The reason the remote is not present on the lower end, is because it’s very simular to the education iMac. That one also did not come with a remote because it’s geared toward educational intitutions.

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