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Apple ads

Look what I came across on the Wall Street Journal… it’s one of the new Apple TV ads. Correct me if I’m wrong, but historically speaking, the only two places I’ve seen Apple play their TV ads are either on TV, or on I don’t recall them playing them on other sites.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. In fact, I’ve always thought Apple should be a little more aggressive in there advertising. I was just surprised because I don’t recall them doing this in past years, and I didn’t realize they had started opening up their commercials as general advertising.

4 thoughts on “Apple TV ads on other sites”

  1. It seems like every time they debut a new product I see an ad for it on MySpace. (yeah… I know… myspace… blech) For example, the iMac G5, the new MacBooks. I think I remember seeing one of the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads on there.

  2. Not long after reading your post regarding Apples new more agressive advertising approach, I received an email with the subject:

    Frustrated with your PC? Time for a Mac.

    In The past 30 days has your PC:
    A) Crashed
    B) Frozen
    C) Made you want to pummel your screen with a sledge hammer
    D) All of the Above.

    It Just works. Another great reason to own a Mac.

  3. As much as I love Macs, I hate these commercials, because most of them simply misrepresent the Windows experience and the Mac experience (never having to reboot a Mac, ah!).

    As both a regular Mac and Windows user, they are hardly that different anymore. I can answer yes to all of Dan’s questions on both platforms, infact my Mac workstation is currently in the shop while I work on my personal Windows laptop to do work. And I often have to reboot my Windows workstation and am constantly maintaining it. In the studio I work in, we have two Macs that require almost weekly babysitting because of some unexplained glitch in OSX, while I’ve only ever had one Windows machine give me as much trouble and that ended up being hardware related.

    My point, Macs are not much better than Windows or visa versa. OSX is a wonderful OS and I love using it, Windows is a solid OS that I can get work done in. Neither have the monolopy on stability or flaws.

    On a side note, love the website. Generally check a few times a week for neat things to see. Thanks for all the hard work :)

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