Bye Bye Gravatars

For a while now the site seemed to be getting slower and slower to load. The main page was OK, but the individual pages were downright painful. Sometimes they even locked up all-together.

After a bit of playing around, I think I’ve narrowed down the problem. It appears to be the gravatars… you know, those little pictures next to your name when you leave a comment.

I’m not exactly sure if it was the gravatar server, the gravatar plugin, or a conflict between the plugin, and some other plugin, but deactivating it seems to have resolved the issue.

So, the gravatars are now gone, at least for time being. So long gravatars… I’ll miss you.

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Gravatars”

  1. Its sort-of ironic that I was about to get a gravatar account for this blog.
    Brace yourself for many a smily paul 8 )

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