Hit Counter Bug in iWeb

I recently used iWeb (v1.1.1) to put together a site for our trip to Maui, and I’ve discovered what I consider to be a bug.

iWeb gives you an option to add a “hit counter” to each of the pages, so you can see how many times it has been visited. I had a small goof on one of my Maui pages, so I edited it, and republished it. When I did that, the counter was reset to zero. I would call that a bug, because it’s not a new page. The change was very minor, and the counter should have retained the number it had before the change.

3 thoughts on “Hit Counter Bug in iWeb”

  1. I have had the same problem, but only one a few pages of my website (mainly on photo gallery pages) and not all the time.

    It is either a bug, or a problem with Apple’s servier from time to time.

    Any more information would be appreicted.

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