Repair Permissions Dialog is blank ?

Repair Permissions

Apple released the 10.4.6 update today. As with all major updates, I always use Apple’s Disk Utility to Repair Permissions before, and after I run the update.

Under 10.4.5 (and earlier), I always had a long list of repairs in the permissions dialog, when it was finished. It didn’t matter how many times I would repeat the process, the list was always the same.

Strangely, after the 10.4.6 update… the list of repairs is blank. Either the utility is just not listing the specific repairs anymore, or the repairs actually worked, and there was nothing to fix. If the latter is true, then this is a good update.

3 thoughts on “Repair Permissions Dialog is blank ?”

  1. I just ran the update and did a permissions repair and I got several lines between “Determining correct file permissions.” and “Permissions repair complete” so maybe you just have a clean system that didn’t need repairs.
    Actually, all it did was fix “./private/var/log/secure.log” and it took it 3 seperate lines to tell me that.

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