macTV Videocast

mac tv

I came across a new Mac site today. It’s called macTV. They’re only about a month old, so they don’t have much content built up yet, but they’ve got the beginnings of what may become a nice Mac video collection. Hopefully they’ll continue to grow.

Found via Craigs Blog

6 thoughts on “macTV Videocast”

  1. Hey Paul

    Thanks for the ‘Plug’ : )

    In the ‘1984’ ad, have you noticed the woman in orange shorts seems to be listening to an iPod, 1st generation I presume!, spooky!.


  2. The 1984 ad is actually Apple’s 2004 remake. It was made for the 20th Anniversary of the Mac, and shown at Macworld San Francisco. They did a pretty seamless job at adding in the iPod.

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