Beach Bulb?

Light Bulb at Fort Funston

Today we went out to Fort Funston to give Emmitt (our dog) a run. We were walking down the beach, when I happened to come across a light bulb. What a strange thing to find on a beach I thought. Fort Funston isn’t exactly remote, but there isn’t much around the water that it could have come from. (There’s a wider shot of the beach on this post.)

I started to wonder about the origin of the bulb. Did someone actually bring a light bulb to the beach? Is that person now missing their favorite bulb? Did this delicate piece of glass manage to travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles across the open sea, only to wash up on our shore without getting so much as a crack? Is it a remnant of an ancient, advanced civilization… buried in the sand for thousands of years?

Unfortunately, I’ll probably never know.

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