iPod Photo is here

Apple iPod Photo

Rumors have been flying around about a 60 gig iPod, and a new version that would sync with iPhoto. Well, it’s here. Today Apple introduced the iPod Photo. It has a color screen, comes in 60GB and 40GB models, and will retail for $599 and $499. Apple says it has a 15 hour battery life, which is 25% better than previous iPods. It also comes with AV cables for displaying photos on a TV, or other monitor. It is estimated to start shippin in 1 – 2 weeks. Apple also introduced a U2 Special Edition iPod. It’s black, with a red scroll whell, and is autographed on the back by the band.

I want an iPod Photo! This may be just the excuse I need to upgrade. Of course, you know what’s coming next don’t you?… iPod Movie?

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  1. After a fair amount of research on which type of MP3 player would be the best, I finally went out and bought an IPod. I love it. Of course I think the IPhoto is going to make a guest appearance on my Christmas list.

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