Little Snitch by object development

Little Snitch: OS X Software

So I came across this great piece of Software called Little Snitch. Hers’s the description from the site…

“Little Snitch is a tool designed to alert you on outgoing network connections. Little Snitch runs in the background and hooks into the operating system kernel while you are logged in. When an application tries to establish a network connection, Little Snitch intercepts the attempt and brings up an alert panel, telling you all the connection details including the name of the application which initiated the connection. You either choose to allow or deny the connection in the specific case, or to add a permanent rule for future connections initiated by the same application.”

I’ve played with it, and it seems to work pretty well. It notified me whenever any app tried to make a network connection, just like it said it would. In todays world, this seems like a nice bit of extra security.

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