Song made entirely of Mac OSX system sounds

Mike Solomon is a New York City based graphic designer, photographer, and musician who decided it was time to compose an entire song out of Mac OSX sound effects…

“As if all the sound effects of the Mac OSX interface weren’t annoying enough, I decided to take things a step too far. Enjoy!”

You can even download the Garage Band file and mashup a new version for yourself.

YouTube Link | via Swiss Miss

Oh, and for you PC users, here’s one made entirely of Windows system sounds. It’s actually quite good.

3 thoughts on “Song made entirely of Mac OSX system sounds”

  1. I agree the Windows music is more interesting musically, but I like the purity of the MacOX version – the sounds are all original, with no pitch shifting. It is easy to make a more interesting piece when you use the source sounds as samples and generate any notes you want. It is a true challenge to make something interesting with the found pitches only.

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