Apple’s Mac vs. PC Christmas Commercial

Apple Mac vs. PC Christmas commercial

If you haven’t already seen it, Apple has posted a very cute Christmas commercial in the classic stop-motion style of Rankin/Bass children’s movies, like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

On a side-note, I actually really miss those movies. It doesn’t seem like they play them on TV anymore. The other day I saw Rudolph listed in the on-screen guide and I switched over to it, only to find it was a crappy remake using really cheesy 3D. I was so disappointed.

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  1. actually, they’ve been on quite a bit, just on the obscure networks – I bought a DVD boxed set last year with about 4 of them. Those cheesy shows, with sometimes questionable or inappropriate characters and dialog, are my fondest and most vivid memories of the Christmas of my childhood.

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