Where’s the new Wallpapers in Leopard?

Apple Desktop Pictures

I have a quick question for anyone who has done a clean install of Leopard… are there any new desktop pictures (wallpapers) listed in the “Apple Images” section of the Desktop System Preference Pane on your Mac?

With exception to a couple of new images in the “Nature” folder, I don’t see any new images. This is odd for Apple, as a big jump in the OS usually gives us several new swirly backgrounds.

When I installed I migrated my data over from another machine, so I’m not sure if the installation just didn’t put the new ones in, or are there no new ones?

2 thoughts on “Where’s the new Wallpapers in Leopard?”

  1. You’re not missing anything, there are no new “swirly” style desktop images. Just the new space themed ones and maybe one or two in the plants folder. Steve is was really pushing the whole “use your photos as your desktop” thing when he previewed the OS (probably WWDC?). If I remember correctly, some of the audience took that as a sarcastic stab at Vista until they realized he was actually serious.

  2. It’s sad, b/c I love the Apple backgrounds. However, there isn’t new ones besides the space one and I think one other one in nature as well. Even those stupid grass ones that were going around in the beta builds have been removed.

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