Save over $500 on Macbook Pro RAM

I mentioned this in my last post, but I thought it was important enough to call more attention to it. If you’re considering buying a new Mac, DON’T BUY YOUR RAM FROM APPLE!. Apple RAM is incredibly overpriced.

As I mentioned, I’m upgrading my new Macbook Pro from 2GB to 4GB of RAM. Apple wants $700. I bought this 4GB upgrade kit from OWC for $167.99. This memory exceeds Apple/Intel specifications, and comes with a lifetime warranty. And, they will give me a $30 rebate if I send them the RAM that came pre-installed. I’ve bought RAM from OWC before, and never had any problems with it.

This same RAM works in the new iMacs as well. OWC also offers RAM for just about every other Mac, so I would check them out no matter what model you’re buying.

UPDATE (12/08/2008): See this post for updated information on 3rd party RAM and Apple’s new Aluminum Macbook and Macbook Pros.

7 thoughts on “Save over $500 on Macbook Pro RAM”

  1. Paul, I can pay you $30 to take that RAM off your hands and save you the hassle of the mail in rebate! Let me know, I can contact you when I swing by SF next :)

  2. Arvind, Ya… that would be fine. We both win :)

    Just to make sure we’re on the same page… the memory will be 2GB of the stock Apple RAM (2 x 1GB DIMMs).

    I’m in no rush. My new Macbook Pro arrives on Thursday, and I should have my new RAM by then too. I would prefer to test out the new RAM for at least 3-4 weeks before getting rid of the stock RAM… just to make sure.

    I can shoot you an email when I’m ready, to see if you’re still interested.


  3. I did the exact same thing last night. My mother in law just bought a 15″ MBP, and Apple wants $700 for the 4GB upgrade. I did it for $170ish on NewEgg. Saved her about $530. Couple that with the savings by buying the MBP on Amazon ($150 mail in rebate, $155 in taxes) and this exact same purchase could have been $835 more if we had gone directly through Apple. Plus, Amazon offers 30 day price protection. Apple only has two weeks.

  4. @Adam – not to mention Amazon’s shipping and very understanding return department should she decide she doesn’t want it or it has an issue.

    I never buy from Apple directly unless it’s from the refurbs.

  5. Arvind, The new Macbooks announced yesterday will now hold 4GB of RAM. If I were you I would max out the RAM. I’ll still email you when I’m ready to get rid of mine, but I’m not holding you to anything, so don’t feel bad if you change your mind. :)

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