4 thoughts on “The Back-Up: Keep your shotgun at your bedside”

  1. embarrassed to be an American because folks want to be prepared to defend there home. You must live in a pretty cushioned home and neighborhood…? I glad the young girl out of Montana did not think like that! Home alone had two imigrants break in there home in the middle of the day. Being a trap and skket champ along with her Dad shot and killed both of them. When the police arrived the found the men armed with a fully loaded 45 calibur pistol they used to kill a old man with in the house and robbery just before hers. I can tell you this she was not embarrassed she is alive and not body in that town was embarrassed either including me. Now a young lady gets to grow up get married, Dad gets to give her away and have a chance to have kids that with learn to bear arms she wont be embarrassed about. Thanks God for Americans that excercise there 2nd amendmendt rights and want to be prepared to do soif necessary!
    This countries freedom was bought and paid for by God fearing folks just like the folks you are embarressed about …
    Next time I suggest to keep your antigun semitism to your self out of courtesy for the men and women who died for that freedom.

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