Right Brain v Left Brain

Spinning girl

Do you see the figure above turning clockwise, or counter clockwise? According to this article, in the Australia Herald Sun, if you see her turning clockwise, then you must be one of those creative types, using more of the right side of your brain. If you see counter clockwise, then you’re more analytical, using primarily the left side of your brain.

Personally, when I first looked, it was clearly spinning clockwise. As I moved my focus over to the article I could still see it out of the corner of my eye, and it changed direction and begun to spin counter-clockwise. It took a minute, but I found that I could look away and then come back and see it clockwise again.

According to the article, most people see counter clockwise. I’m not sure if I by into the test, but it’s definitely interesting.

Lets do a test of our own. First, look away from the picture and do complex math in your head, then look back. Is she spinning counter clockwise? Next, look away from the picture and think about eating chinese food on a submarine with Snuffleupagus, then look back. Is she spinning clockwise?

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5 thoughts on “Right Brain v Left Brain”

  1. I’ ve been looking at this animation for a while now, and with a little concentration I ‘m able to switch from CW to CCW, really funny. At the beginning the spinning was clockwise. Focus on the feet and think like if the legs were oscillating instead of rotating.

  2. Wow that is pretty cool. I checked on this morning before a flight and it was going clockwise…. I went on a flight and logged on to my computer and it was spinning CCW, but then I took a little time and made it switch back and forth. It is very interesting. It is strange because her head leans the other direction when spinning. I can seem to get it to go either direction at will, but I feel like I am being tricked.


  3. I First seen her turning clockwise and then she began to turn counter clockwise and then both ways first clockwise and then counter clockwise Its kinda kool. I got kind of dizzy from the half spins. I think logically she is programmed to spin clockwise for so many spins and then go counter clockwise so when any individual sees her spinning they are looking at the cycle that she is spinning in at that particular period of time. Also her spinning went into half spins for a period of time.

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