VMware Fusion for $36

I don’t even have an intel mac (yet), but I have my solution for running Windows under virtualization. I chose VMware Fusion over Parallels Desktop. Everything I’ve read says that there is no comparison when it comes to performance. Fusion wins hands down.

I was planning on buying it after I upgraded my machine (when Leopard is released), but then I saw this post on TUAW, that talked about $30 in discounts from Buy.com through a mail-in rebate and a special offer from Google Checkout. When I first saw it the final price for Fusion was $31.99, but I didn’t act quickly enough and the price went up to $35.99. It was still an excellent price, so I went ahead and grabbed it. Buy.com offers free shipping too.

If you’re still on the fence about which one you’re going to use, check out this post on LaughingSquid.com. It has videos and links to various comparisons of the two products. Make sure to check out the comments left on that post too, as they have some additional helpful info/links.

Now I just need Apple to release Leopard so I can buy my new machine.

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