New Policies for Lighters, Electronics, and Breast Milk

New policies for lighters and breast milk

I have to admit that part of my reasoning for posting this is just the fact that I like how the TSA has titled this document, New Policies for Lighters, Electronics, and Breast Milk. Because, you know… those items are so commonly used together, :)

For me the gist of this document is that I can now carry my lighter on a plane again…

“In an effort to concentrate resources on detecting explosive threats, TSA will no longer ban common lighters in carry-on luggage as of August 4, 2007. Torch lighters remain banned in carry-ons.

Lifting the lighter ban is consistent with TSA’s risk-based approach to aviation security. First and foremost, lighters no longer pose a significant threat. Freeing security officers up from fishing for 22,000 lighters every day (the current number surrendered daily across the country) enables them to focus more on finding explosives, using behavior recognition, conducting random screening procedures and other measures that increase complexity in the system, deterring terrorists. The U.S. is the only country in the world to ban lighters – all other nations, including Israel and the U.K., do not.”

I like how they say, “lighters no longer pose a significant threat”. As if they ever did. One other thing that cought my eye was in the FAQs…

Q. Do passengers carrying breast milk need to taste it to prove it is not a liquid explosive?
A. No. We will not ask a traveler to taste breast milk.

4 thoughts on “New Policies for Lighters, Electronics, and Breast Milk”

  1. Glad to see that you’re back. The TSA is a ridiculous organization that is horribly inefficient. If I wanted to blow up a plane, I don’t think taking off my shoes is going to stop me.

  2. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that mothers were being foreced to drink their own brest milk. Glad no mothers will be subjected to that humiliation any more.

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