I’ve ditched .Mac

If you have an email address for me that ends with mac.com, you should delete it. I’ve finally ditched my .Mac account. If I didn’t send you my new address, you can use my contact page to get ahold of me.

I’ve had a mac.com address since the day they introduced them, back when the service was called iTools, and it was free. Like many others, I’ve been debating (for years) on if I should continue to renew my account. Every year I asked myself, is this service really worth $99/yr.? The answer is no, at least for me. I actually should have cancelled it years ago.

For many people, the biggest feature of .Mac is the media publishing. I don’t really need that service, so it wasn’t a big draw for me. The best things I liked about .Mac are syncing of email accounts, calendars, bookmarks, etc… between multiple computers, access to Apple’s Backup application, and the best webmail client I’ve ever used. Some of those things will become obsolete when Leopard comes out.

I’ve decided that with my next upgrade (when Leopard comes out), I’ll be switching to a Macbook Pro only, instead of having a laptop and a desktop. So, I won’t really need the syncing feature. Leopard’s Time Machine will handle my daily backups, so I don’t really need Backup.app. That just leaves webmail, which I don’t really use that often, so it’s hard to justify that $99 per year.

Ba-bye .Mac.

2 thoughts on “I’ve ditched .Mac”

  1. I recently did the same, letting my .Mac expire after 5+ years of using it. I can recall that day back when Steve Jobs said iTools would be free “for life”, though life turned out to be only the life of the name iTools, no more.

    I now use gmail for my email, and every other feature I previously used with .Mac is now with another either free or less expensive option, some of them even better than .Mac.

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