Apple’s new Keyboard

Apple's new slim keyboard

As mentioned yesterday, Apple has a brand new super-slim keyboard. Do you notice anything unusual about the command key? Go ahead, look down at your keyboard, and then look back at this image. Do you see it? That’s right, there is no Apple symbol on it.

For as long as I can remember Apple has put their logo on that key, prompting many people to inaccurately say things like, hit Apple + c to copy, or Apple + z to undo. Now all those people are going to have to learn to say it the proper way. Yes, I’m a bit snobby about it… it’s the Command key, dammit… not the Apple key.

Also, has anyone looked closely at the differences between the wired and wireless versions of the keyboard? On the wireless version, Apple has chosen to get rid of the number pad and compacted all the keys into a smaller form factor. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that’s a deal breaker for me. I can totally understand why Apple wants to offer this layout as an option… but that’s exactly what it should be… an option. They should offer a full-size version of the wireless keyboard too.

4 thoughts on “Apple’s new Keyboard”

  1. These new keyboards are so sexy. Wireless is good for the fact that, well, it’s wireless – but I’d much rather want the number pad and not deal with batteries for my keyboard/mouse.

  2. “Options” seem to be going out the window with the iMac. Glossy vs Matte screen should *also* at least be an option. Until it is an option, they won’t be getting my money for an iMac. Such a shame.

  3. I agree about the options. I want a wireless keyboard, but I will not be purchasing this one, because it doesn’t have the number pad. Ridiculous for Apple not to give us an option. You can’t make a drastic change like this and have it as the only option. Oh well. Either stick with my current bluetooth or have to deal with the wires. Lovely.

  4. Getting rid of the Apple logo on the ⌘ key has been long overdue.

    It was put on it when Apple introduced ADB keyboards and the Apple IIgs, because you could use the same keyboard on a Mac or on an Apple II, and they needed to make clear which key was the open-Apple key for 8-bit (non-GS) applications. (I have no explanation for why they didn’t do this with Option as well.)

    But after Apple discontinued the IIgs, and especially after Apple switched from ADB to USB, all the new Apple keyboard models should not have had Apple logos on their keys. I’m glad they finally fixed it, even if it took them a good long time to get around to it.

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