GPS Cell Phone for Dogs

Dog collar GPS Cell Phone

Whenever we take Maggie Moo (our dog) to the beach she inevitably runs around like a crazy dog and strays pretty far away… out of shouting distance. Anne Marie and I have joked about getting a cell phone for her so we could call her back to us.

Guess the folks over at Pets Mobility had the same idea because they’ve built a dog collar that incorporates an auto-answer cell phone with GPS tracking called, PetsCell. The unit also has buttons on it that someone who finds your dog can push to call you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can actually buy this just yet, but the site does mention that it will be released “mid 2007”. They don’t have pricing on their site, but a linked news clip says it will run U.S. $400 for the phone, plus a monthly service fee (ouch!).

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