Easy Product Mockups with LiveSurface Image Library

LiveSurface image library

If you’ve ever had to do product mockups you know it can sometimes be a real bitch to find / create the right container image as the base for your design, not to mention the time it takes to mask-off the individual surfaces to apply your mock label.

That’s where LiveSurface can save the day. It’s a high-res, layered Photoshop image library, complete with masks, alpha channels, and embedded 3-D surfaces. The library includes product containers, common items, and scenes (signs, billboards, etc…).

The images aren’t free, but they are very reasonable. The box above will cost U.S. $29 for a high-res print file, or $14 for an image suitable for web or on-screen presentations.

If you go to the site and enter your email address, you can get this box image as a free sample. It comes with a demo movie giving a brief overview.

via Core77

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