iPhone – to case or not to case?

When I bought my iPhone I debated about getting some kind of case. On one hand you want to protect that pricey gadget. On the other, half the coolness of a small, sleek new device is it’s smallness and sleekness, and cases tend to ruin that.

Personally, I’ve decided to go case-less. The thing that pushed me over the top was this video by PC World. They did some semi-real-world testing on the iPhone’s durability… everything from keys on the screen to dropping it on the sidewalk. It held up pretty darn well. It looks like Apple’s last minute decision to switch the screen from plastic to glass really payed off.

6 thoughts on “iPhone – to case or not to case?”

  1. Wait until Vaja comes out with something better than the pouches they are carrying at the moment. Vaja makes the best cases… period.

  2. What about scratches? It doesn’t get scratched like the IPODs?
    I have had a case the whole time while using my IPOD and I still managed to have a few scratches on it.

  3. I bought the 8 gig and had the same debate as you. I ended up going the safe way and getting the belkin case. No complaints. It looks good, and you just slide it out to use it.

  4. I just picked up the Case mate case from my local AT&T Store the case is awesome its leather and it protects it just enought with adding to much bulk.

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