iPhone earbud covers not included?

Quick question for those who bought an iPhone. Did yours come with a set of those little foam earbud covers? Mine didn’t. I know they easily fall off, but I like them.

I actually have an extra set, and Radio Shack sells them for like $1.99, but I thought it was odd that none came with.

4 thoughts on “iPhone earbud covers not included?”

  1. The latest ipods does not come with that, since the Nano 2Gen and Video 5.5Gen there’s new earphones. Rumors are that from Shuffle 2Gen (the color ones) there are new earphones either.

  2. Who needs the covers anyway? The new earbud design is actually quite comfortable. I remember the old design (pre-video ipod) would fall out all the time, but I love the new ones. I don’t think I’ve ever used earbud covers tho.

    I’m loving my iPhone as much as you’re loving yours. Cheers.

  3. I’m not sure why rumors are needed—Steve Jobs announced this at one of the keynotes, that the foam earbuds went away in favor of a rubber ring that’s part of the earbud. Nothing to lose, nothing to replace, nothing (besides the earbud) to clean.

  4. I am using a new earbud cover called Breppies. They cover the entire earbud, not just the part that fits in your ear, so they NEVER fall off and they are totally compfortable.

    I think you can get a free pair at Breppies dot com.

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