The iPhone on Lost?

Lost - iPhone

Well, OK… not really. But the show did pay homage to the upcoming iPhone in last night’s episode.

I watched the episode, but totally missed this. The image on the left is a screenshot from the show, of the ‘satellite phone’. The image on the right is the iPhone (obviously). Notice any similarities? The satellite phone even has the OS X home folder icon in the top row, center. If you look close enough you can pick out various other icons from your Mac’s Applications and Utilities folders too. That’s pretty cool!

Don’t believe this is real? Head on over to and watch the episode (4.18.07) for yourself. It’s about 28 minutes in. On a side-note to this, the new abc player can stream the episode at full-screen (1280×1024 in my case) with amazing quality.

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2 thoughts on “The iPhone on Lost?”

  1. Saw the bigger picture over at engadget, and there are a bunch of Windows Mobile icons on the top of the screen. And I think I’ve seen that yellow warning-sign on Yahoo…

    Perhaps Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple are about to merge?! =P

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