WTF! My site crashes Safari?

For some strange reason, this site ( has started crashing Safari. It just started this afternoon. Every time I try to load the site, Safari crashes. No other sites seem to be doing it, and it’s held through a restart. None of my other sites hosted on this server are doing it, and the site works fine in Firefox.

Is this happening to anyone else?

UPDATE: I tried resetting Safari, disabling all plugins, and various maintenance tasks (repair permissions, repair drive, etc…), and nothing has worked, Safari still crashes. I tried accessing the site through Safari on my laptop, and it works fine, so that would suggest that it’s a problem with Safari on my desktop. So, I booted the desktop from an external firewire drive that has an old backup of my system (10.4.4). Guess what… it crashed that Safari too. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Anyone have any other suggestions?

UPDATE #2: So, just out of curiosity, I momentarily changed my WordPress theme back to the default (WordPress is the blogging engine used to run this site). Low and behold, I could open my site in Safari again. The moment I changed it back to my current theme, it crashes again. This makes even less sense, considering I haven’t made any changes to my theme lately, and plenty of people are able to view the current theme in Safari (including myself, on my other computer). This is just odd! Sometimes I just hate computers.

firebug error

UPDATE #3: Thanks to a tip from Rob, I installed the Firebug add-on, for Firefox. It allowed me to see an error that was being intermittently generated by my site. Now, the actual language of the error is a bit over my head, but when I read it, I somehow got the idea that it was related to Snap Previews, a feature I use on the site. With a little investigation, I also discovered that Snap did announce some new “features” yesterday, so their change did correspond to the time that my trouble started. Sure enough, removing Snap solved the problem. Thanks Rob! Now, this doesn’t explain why this only seem to effect me, and not all Safari users, but I’m willing to let that be a mystery for another time.

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  1. I was almost scared to try… but no problems here.

    Cookies? Cache? Reset Safari, and you may have your problem solved.

  2. Curious…did you try deleting Safari’s .plist file? That’s usually what I try when it goes wonky on one machine only.

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