5 thoughts on “Doh! Leopard delayed til October?!”

  1. Too true. I was a bit disappointed with Tiger compared to Panther, and I’ve been looking forward to Leopard. The new iChat alone should provide some great new teaching opportunities alone. And, not living in the US, both the iPhone and Apple TV are pretty much non-entitites to me. I understand Apple’s eagerness to push the iPhone, but for the rest of the world, Leopard is the biggest news of the year – hopefully 2007 and not 2008!

  2. I’m in the same boat – I wait until the release to buy new gear so I can get the “free” upgrade to the new OS. Good thing is, I had no idea if/what I would buy if it was released in April. Now I get to see what kind of hardware Apple is planning to launch this year.

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