MILK… The Ultimate Mac Desk?


A couple of designers, Soren Kjaer and Holmris Hansen A/S, have teamed up to create MILK. It’s a desk, said to be made specifically for the Mac.

“To say we’re compatible is an understatement. This is love. Inspired by the same desire for simple form and smart function, our design is a perfect match for Macs and monitors”

Although the desk does look cool, the price is no where to be found on the site. I have a sneaky feeling this one will probably be a bit out of my budget.

via core77

1 thought on “MILK… The Ultimate Mac Desk?”

  1. The ultimate Mac desk? Why? Because it’s white? The connection with Mac is just a marketing gimmick, and besides haven’t they heard of ergonomics? OK, it’s height adjustable, but that’s not enough, because the keyboard has to be adjustable too to make it truly ergonomic. Also, all those sharp straight edges are not exactly friendly to the wrists…I like the Biomorph line of desks ( i have a Biomorph Flexo desk at home and I love it! It looks great with my Mac too, and it has dual surface adjustability and nice soft edges…check it out!

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