The Art of Will Murai

Asimov pinup by Will Murai
©2006 Will Murai. All Rights Reserved.

Will Murai is an illustrator from Brazil. He does some really amazing drawings. I like his work a lot.

The image above is called, Asimov pinup. It was inspired by classic pinup artist, Gil Elvgren. Will’s idea was to introduce some more modern elements, but keep the classic pinup look. It was created entirely with Corel Painter IX.

Will is obviously a Mac fan. You’ll find reference to Apple here and there in his illustrations.

You rock Will!

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Will Murai”

  1. I love this!!! it’s so brilliant! first modern pin up i’ve seen that DIDN’T involve an oily, greased up woman caressing her own breasts; this made my day, thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. This is what the world needs. Classic images of sexuality mixed with curious naughty robots. A+ for creativity.

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